Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home again, home again!

Above is the our first home! And, after a very long and drawn out process, Daniel and I are once again proud homeowners! We bought an amazing house (on the right) that was in foreclosure in Spring Hill. It is absolutely gorgeous, although I am a little partial.... Now the unloading and unpacking begins once again. Probably one of the best investments that we made though this whole process, besides the house of course, is the money we spent on a Pod. It's awesome! Pretty much, Pods delivers your Pod to your front door. Then you load it up just like filling a storage unit. Next, they come haul away the Pod full of your life and store it for you. Wish I would have invented that one.... Moving this time has simply been a breeze. (of course for me because I am really at good at directing, not so much lifting....) But, I'm sure Daniel would still agree! After we FINALLY closed on our new house (11/29/11) the Pod was delivered there. Now the picking up and putting up is the ongoing theme. Hopefully we will be moved in and settled in the next couple weeks. I guess I should get back to "helping" with all that heavy lifting....


  1. Can myself and Kristen come and visit! I really like the house, you guys did well!

  2. Can't wait to help move in and see it!!! yay!

  3. You did a GREAT job on your blog! I remember Jump 5! You guys looked like you were always having fun! :)