Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jump5 reunites

After almost 4 years since Jump5 disbanded, we reunited on December 5th! We have seen each other on several occasions, but this was the 1st time all 5 of us had been together at the same time! We started our night by eating at Fulin's and then moved the party to our new house. We had more fun together than I could have ever imagined possible. Not only did we play catchup, but we also reminisced on the thousands of memories we had on the road. We talked about old nicknames, all the tours we were a part of, the endless nights on the tour bus and hotels, and even more exciting, we performed Spinnin' Around in the living room of our house. All in all, I really missed these guys. It's crazy to see how life has changed so much for all of us. Brandon is married, Brittany is in a serious relationship, Libby is finishing school to become an esthetician, and Chris is living out his dream of living in CA! Not to mention, I am also married and we are expecting in June of next year. I guess it is just hard for me to realize and believe that I have known these people for so long. We shared such an amazing journey. One that can never be taken from us. After reuniting, we realized that we do not see each other nearly enough. Hopefully, this meeting opened the door to many more fun nights to come!

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